The Bellman Equation


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The Bellman Equation is an artful illumination into not only one of the greatest mathematical minds of our time; it is an exploration of familial legacy,—the enormous anxiety of influence as Harold Bloom so aptly named it—passed from one generation to the next. Gabriel Bellman's deftly handled documentary becomes a pathway to understanding the grandfather he only dimly knew, an active real time exploration of his father's relationship to his family history, and in the end is about the power of family—of secrets, stories never told and the complex forces that shaped modern American history."
- A.M. Homes,
Guggenheim Award winning writer for the New Yorker, Harper's, and McSweeney's. Writer/ producer of Showtime's "The L Word," NEA Fellow, and author of numerous books including "This Book Will Save Your Life."
"A critical and fascinating look at being a world class genius and the devastating family heartbreak it can bring. "
-Rosadel Varela, producer of Critics Choice Award Winning documentary "Control Room," producer for Pangea Day, MTV producer.

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